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    Welcome to IQ Entertainment, since 2014 we've been bringing the party to events throughout Alberta. When you want a great Party DJ that will have your guests entertained and dancing 'till they drop, we're the ones you call.
    How many events have you been to where the minute the program is done, people are out the door. Thousands of dollars have been spent to create a fabulous atmosphere and nobody sticks around past 10pm. A faceless DJ mumbles a couple words hidden behind a facade and plays a few mismatched songs to an empty floor. Your guests are heading for the door, excited to be able to save a few bucks on their sitter.
    Now picture the exact opposite: Your guests engaged, people giving their requests. A two-person DJ and an MC team communicating and connecting with your guests, taking requests and playing only the monster hits that everyone knows and loves to dance to. People stepping out to call their sitter to tell them they'll be late.
    That's an IQ Entertainment Experience, and we work our butts off to ensure we deliver it for your event.
  • what to expect

    Keeping the party going is about more than just music!

    Play to the Crowd

    Guests of all ages will have a blast!

    Having two music specialists at your event gives us the knowledge and experience to ensure all ages in your crowd get "their music" to dance along. This is important for corporate parties and events where diverse crowds are a part of the mix.

    Keeping it Tight

    We'll help you keep your program moving along smoothly.

    We are happy to assist you in reviewing your program and providing any guidance and suggestions to ensure your program doesn't drag. From expediting door prize and silent auction draws to executing a seamless buffet table line up - we know all the potential pitfalls that can put a damper on your event... and the tips and tricks to overcome them.

    Fun and Games

    Been tasked with organizing the company party?

    Let's face it, most company parties and events are usually considered an obligation and an exercise in awkwardness with the end goal of getting out the door as soon as convenient.


    If you're looking at adding elements to your event that... well... don't suck... then let us help. From our selfie station to games, activities or trivia we will provide you with a custom program specific to your company.


    Whether its a small party of 50 or an event of 500, we can provide you with entertainment options that won't take a huge bite out of your budget.

  • entertainment experience

    So what does "Entertainment Experience" actually mean? We break it down into three stages.


    1. Planning Services


    We work with you to ensure your events are properly planned and executed. We assist in timing, entrances and scheduling to ensure the production elements give it a "WOW" factor.


    2. Entertainment Services


    Great music is the bare minimum of what you should expect from an event entertainment service. We work our butts off to entertain you and your guests, which helps create an experience that they actually remember - not just an event they felt obligated to attend and forget about by the time they get home. We want them telling everyone how much fun they had on the weekend at your party!


    We talk a lot about "production" and believe that a truly great event doesn't just happen, it's produced. That's why we include all our production elements including:


    - Selfie Station Photo Booth with props (included)
    - Room Uplighting
    - Fog Machine and Special Lighting for Rock Star reception entrances including BIG introduction
    - Complete audio sound system including 1000 watt subwoofer (it's awesome).

    - Two person team, one dedicated music coordinator and a separate Event Host and Coordinator.


    3. Event Host

    As your Event Host, we're there for your reception or program on the microphone to ensure your guests are warmed up and laughing, announcements are handled and introductions are made. If you have your own MC's we work with them to ensure sound checks and also to take some of the mundane tasks like coordinating tables for eating etc. are off their plate.

  • Meet our team

    Yes, we're a family business!

    Michael Williams

    Event Host/Coordinator

    Michael is your point person with all things IQ. he is your event day coordinator and lead MC. With close to 30 years of experience working the microphone for virtually every type of event under the sun, Michael will keep your guests engaged and ensure your event comes off smoothly and professionally! During the day, Michael oversees the operations for their Western Group of Companies but entertaining is his passion.

    Isiah Williams

    Co-Event Host/Music Services Lead

    Isiah and Michael launched IQ Entertainment back in 2014. On event day, Isiah and Michael work together to ensure the best possible experience for your event with Isiah overseeing the music presentation and the technical services.


    Isiah is also a professional stage actor, voiceover specialist and musician. If you would like something special and fun for your event video presentation - just ask!

    Denise Williams

    Marketing and Event Design

    Denise oversees lighting design, presentation and quality control. She ensures IQ's appearance, booth layout and production elements are always best-in-class.

    If you have attended a corporate event in the Sylvan Lake area, chances are Denise is attached to it. As the Executive Director of the Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce, Denise is responsible for design, execution and branding for all major events under the Chamber banner.


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    $50/hr travel fee may apply, add 5% GST to all prices


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